Saturday, September 13, 2014

weekend review: i like to cook and eat

i like to cook and eat

friday night's dinner: kung pao chicken lettuce wraps (will make again) & roasted broccoli.

sunday morning baking: my mom's favorite granola (a favorite!)

sunday night's dinner: parmesan pesto tilapia (was ok, will not make again), white cheddar yogurt cornbread (this makes my hubby droooool), & lemony arugula salad (a go-to simple salad).

Saturday, September 6, 2014

weekly meal plan (9.8.14)

every saturday morning i sit down and make a weekly meal plan - just like my momma used to do. i always wonder what i had made in previous weeks, so i thought it would be a nice record (oh, and maybe some interest to my readers - if there are any?!? - ha) to post these on a semi-regular basis. 

so here is the list that gets stuck on the front of my fridge. excuse the typos and the acronymns. i have decoded things below and included links of the recipes in case you want to make them too!

meal plan, decoded.

saturday: oh she glows maple-cinnamon apple pear baked oatmeal (p. 39 of her cookbook; made this several times before, delicious) + baked eggs on a bed of roasted tomatoes (new to me recipe) + fruit 

sunday: crockpot bbq beer chicken made into sandwiches (apparently i can't spell this word) + un-fried pickles (i saw these on Trisha Yearwood's cooking show last weekend and can't stop thinking about them so i planned this entire dinner around these pickles. i hope they are good!) + kale slaw with red cabbage and carrots (new to me recipe)

monday: roasted cauliflower and chickpeas in orange cumin dressing (make all the time, fabulous) + couscous (Near East box) + chicken (for the hubby)

tuesday: green bean delight + leftovers or pesto pasta (for the hubby)

wednesday: kale, black bean, and avocado burrito bowls + spicy roasted cauliflower (made both before, yum)

thursday: leftover pulled chicken (from sunday) on baked sweet potatoes + roasted broccoli

friday: kale, mushroom, and ricotta calzones (one of the hubby's favorites) + simple green salad

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

weekend(s) review: catching up

whoa long time no blog post. where did i go? it's called: i am working a whole lot more than i care to and i'm also living my life and not prioritizing my blog like a crazy person and this gives me ahhhh freedom. but, i've still been cooking and eating and taking some photos that i want to share with you and my future self. so here is two weekends worth of delicious food.

friday's night dinner (weekend before last - not that you care, but my ocd compels me to specify): healthy chicken skewers and tzatiki sauce, whole wheat pita, and roasted broccoli. 

out of the oven: baked honey sesame chicken. omg this is like heaven transformed itself into chicken form and then i ate it. like that good.

sunday night's dinner (weekend before last): baked honey sesame chicken served over brown basmati rice, and  healthy chinese broccoli.

sunday night' dinner (this weekend): ohe she glows lentil and walnut loaf (from her cookbook) and the best shredded kale salad, which i am obsessed with and is basically better than a cupcake, as i  talked about before.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

weekend review: banana shortage

the week before last i bought 10 bananas and we ran out. i panicked. this week i was so petrified of making the same mistake that i must have loaded my cart with at least 20. turns out, we had enough for the week and to make this delicious and healthy banana bread. more bananas is always better. 

saturday afternoon baking: whole wheat oatmeal banana bread.

sunday night's dinner: turkey and feta stuffed peppers and the best garlicky kale salad

Sunday, August 3, 2014

sweat it out

this morning i woke up hungover. i debated pancakes (oh, cracker barrel why must you tempt me so).

instead, i pounded out 9 fantastic miles.

just think what i could do if i laid off the booze.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

breathe (deeply)

so i just went on a walk to get an extra-large hot green tea (my new obsession that strangely arose during the heat-pit that is a Georgia summer) and i noticed something. it might have been the fluffy clouds above me or the shocking crispness that is the air when the humidity finally breaks, but i was prompted to breathe. 

like really, breathe.

i took one deep yoga-style breath and it filled my lungs with such a relief. almost as if they were empty and had been searching and wanting for me to just.breathe. like when you are so very thirsty and your mouth is so very dry - the feeling you get when water finally trickles against your lips. now don't get me wrong, i breathe deeply on a regular basis. just last night i was huffing and puffing during sprints at spin class - but that air is forced and stagnant. this air was light and fulfilling.

it felt so good that i kept breathing, deeply. over and over and over again i swallowed air so satisfying itwaslikethefirsttime. it felt so good. i felt so alive. 

it washed through me and for a few moments i remembered what it was like to be a kid. you know when you had free time and your mind had free time (ifonlyifonlyicouldgoback) and you spent the afternoons outdoors and the crisp fall air had just begun to surface and you were sprawled on the driveway surrounded by swirls of sidewalk chalk and your knee was scraped but you didn't care because you were breathing and breathing and it was living that you were doing.

today i remembered that feeling. that feeling we forget when our days are filled with workouts and office buildings and meetings and spin class and cleaning and the forever bullshit that is being an adult. 

it is there. or at least it was today. it is somewhere fluttering in a cool breeze. that is life (andpleasedon'tforgetpleaseletmeremember) - you just have to (deeply) breathe it in...

Monday, July 28, 2014

weekend review: breaking in the iron skillet

one of the things i've missed most about this blog is my ability to capture (and remember!) the dinners i create via my weekend review posts. time to bring them back.

after an indulgent friday night, saturday called for vegetables.


beautiful vegetables, which i turned into saturday night's dinner: weekend glow kale salad.

i got an iron skillet for a wedding gift (yes, we have a lot to catch up on) and i broke it in sunday night with some delicious white cheddar yogurt cornbread.

sunday night's dinner: dijon almond crusted tilapia, white cheddar yogurt cornbread smeared with earth balance, and roasted green beans.